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PTMScan® Services

Experienced CST scientists perform qualitative and quantitative profiling of post-translational modifications (PTMs) using proprietary proteomic methods that combine antibody enrichment of PTM-containing peptides with LC-MS/MS. The PTMScan® team works with you from project planning to delivery of a comprehensive data package that includes:

  • Qualitative/quantitative tables
  • Informatics tables
  • Microsoft Powerpoint® summary
  • Microsoft Word® guide to prioritizing follow-up candidates
PTMScan Services Workflow

Services Offered

  • Immuno-Parallel Reaction Monitoring (iPRM)

    iPRM is a targeted proteomic method that combines the specificity of mass spectrometry with the throughput of an immunoassay. It provides absolute quantitation of low-level proteins and post-translational modifications. It’s also a multiplexed technique, so you’ll get more data with a single experiment. iPRM assays use best-in-class CST antibodies and are developed and validated by our expert scientists, so you’ll get data you can trust, fast.

  • TMT10plex™ Total Proteome

    TMT10plex™ Total Proteome profiling service provides accurate global profiling of protein abundance in cells and tissues, using multiplexed sample labeling with Tandem Mass Tags™ (TMT™) and liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS).

  • PTMScan® Discovery

    PTMScan® Discovery is used to identify and quantify hundreds to thousands of PTM peptides.

  • Immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC)

    IMAC captures negatively charged phosphopeptides using positively charged metal ions and is complementary to phosphorylation analysis by PTMScan® Discovery.

  • PTMScan® Direct

    PTMScan® Direct is a mass-spectrometry-based antibody array used to quantitatively assay the activity of components of known signaling pathways across cell lines or treatments.

  • KinomeView® Profiling

    KinomeView® Profiling is a western blot prescreen that uses the same PTM and motif antibodies available for PTMScan Discovery.

  • Global Proteome Service

    Quantification of protein levels across cell lines or treatments without enrichment for PTM-containing peptides.

  • Ingenuity® Pathway Analysis

    Mapping of PTMScan results onto canonical pathways and new interaction networks using Qiagen’s Ingenuity® Pathway Analysis (IPA) software.

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Before sample preparation for PTMScan® Discovery, KinomeView®, or PTMScan® Direct Services, please download and review the PTMScan or KinomeView Sample Preparation Protocols.

Estimated Completion Times for PTMScan® Projects

Number of Samples 1 Motif Ab (Weeks) 2 Motif Abs (Weeks) 3 Motif Abs (Weeks)
1–4 4–6 5–7 6–8
5–8 5–7 6–8 7–9
8–16 6–8 7–9 8–10
16–24 7–9 8–10 9–11
24–42 8–10 9–11 11–13
greater than 42* 9–11 11–13 13–15

Estimated Completion Times for KinomeView® Projects

Number of Lanes ~20 Motif Ab + 3 Control Abs (Weeks)
2–6 2–3
7–14 3–4
15–28 3–5
29–42 4–6
greater than 42* 5–8

* More accurate timelines for service projects with greater than 42 samples will be discussed during the consultation. NOTE: Estimated timelines are based on when the project is initiated by Cell Signaling Technology, not when the material is received from the client.

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